Introducing On-demand (OD) medical transcription, an increasingly popular business model in which transcription resources are made available to the user as needed and pay only the service used. This model helps medical facility like yours to overcome the common challenge of being able to meet fluctuating transcription demands efficiently. Because a facility's demand on transcription resources can vary drastically from one time to another, maintaining sufficient resources to meet peak requirements can be costly. Conversely, if the facility cuts costs by only maintaining minimal transcription resources, there will not be sufficient resources to meet peak requirements. Learn More…

Dictate Anytime/Anywhere – Recorder, Toll-free, Mobile App.
Enterprise-Wide Single Solution for Multi Location Facilities & ASC’s
Multiple Dictation Methods Including Mobile App’s
Custom Workflow Processes Solutions Regardless of Technology.
EMR/EHR Integration – Complete or Partial Dictations
HL7 – ADT Interfacing For Patient Schedules & Report Delivery
Cloud Based Document Management
Edit, Print, eSign, Auto Faxing to Referrals, Coding, Billing and RCM
The Same Transcription Team For Each Client Assigned by Specialty

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