Manufacturing Sector – Small and Medium Enterprise

The Manufacturing industry has been taken by storm with the disruption caused by digital technologies. Due to this, the need for businesses to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive - as well as retain and grow their market-share - has never been greater. Achieving Cost cutting, Efficiency, Scalability and Innovation – all at the same time needs a dedicated solution that is unique to your industry and your organization.

Katwa Infotech offers a dedicated customized solution for you needs - be it Inventory Management, Enterprise Resource Planning or Internal streamlining of all the departments. We have team of experts who can understand, consult and offer you the best model. Having an application to put all your Financial, Human and Time resource to optimal use will eventually reduce cost, eliminate duplication, create verifiable saving reports.

Katwa Infotech combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology strengths to create solutions that address business needs of the most critical parts of the Industry value chain. These are spread across functions, encompassing product engineering, supply chain and manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution and after-sales and warranty management.

Katwa advises and implements business solutions enabled by technology implementations that enhance core functions of an automotive enterprise to deliver industry-leading performance and shareholder value. Some of the ways in which we can help manufacturing industries include supply chain and human capital transformations, e-contracting, retail integration, warranty management, and product lifecycle management.

Key shifts in consumer behavior are forcing industries to constantly integrate new technologies in the their products to help reinvent business models, and to enhance their interaction with the new digital customer.

Katwa can helps companies to run highly efficient operations across different business and IT functions by leveraging IT operations, lean IT principles, and IT infrastructure operations. We, also provide business operations for efficient back-office operations spanning finance, human resources, procurement and warranty claim management; and product operations that include product engineering services in a globally distributed model across a variety of domains and engineering disciplines.

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