There is no need to focus on anything other than what you are best at – Patient Care. Doctors can dictate using recorders, telephone, ipads or our EZ Dictate Mobile apps – we accept them all. We transcribe, do the coding, carefully complete the billing based on your contracts with insurance companies and deliver the bills to all the concerned payers. We keep close watch on all the receipts, manage your receivables and see that you have recovered your dues for the great and focused service you provide.

Your patients expect results, in the service your practice provides, and the quality of patient care. To provide effective results to patients, you must ensure the financial success of your practice. This is where we can help. We provide our clients with professional, experienced and high quality medical coding and billing services. We stay current with changing payment rules and regulations, ensuring our clients are in compliance and receive the maximum eligible financial payments. We give you the peace of mind knowing that your coding and billing is being handled by dedicated industry experts.

Our comprehensive services are integrated to address the primary needs in the medical revenue cycle

Payer registration, credentialing, contracting and enrollment.
Front-office eligibility, benefits verification and pre-authorization
Full medical coding
Claims submission and collections
Document creation and management
Credit card and check processing
Cloud Based Document Management
Patient inquiries and payment processing
Financial reporting and analytics

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